William the HedgehogEdit

Tourch the Hedgehog

William the Hedgehog

Age: 21  

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

William is the brother of Rob 'O the Hedgehog. William is more different than Rob. They don't know each other much. William and Finni are very very close friends. Even if Finni is a ghost, he doesn't care. He doesn't have any close relationship with Finni. Finni always says to William, "I have no heart. I cannot love one.." William doesn't like much of Finni's personality. But he lives with it. William is a weird-funny hedgehog. Sonniic and William are friends aslo. Sonniic and William don't get along much. He always makes fun of Sonniic. Sonniic always tries to attack.


  • Bow and Arrow
  • Dynamite
  • Pocketknife

Powers/Super formsEdit

  • Super forms - Super; Dark; Hyper
  • Chaos Control


  • Red hedgehog/Red furr
  • Red shirt
  • Black pants
  • green shoes
  • White gloves
  • Blue eyes
  • Cross necklace


Well, William's friendly personality, he has MANY friends!