William the Gay-Ass HedgehogEdit

Tourch the Hedgehog

William the Hedgehog

Age: -5,000  

Species: Texan Inbred Cunt

Gender: Edgy Teenager Trash

Height: Like literally 1ft tall

William is the gay motherfucker who keeps on breaking into my fucking shack and stealing my goddamn jars of cum. Like what is his problem??? That little guy won't stop coming to my house. I built and electric fence to keep him out and he just keeps coming back. Once I woke up and he was just sitting there right above me like a Gremlin or some shit. Does he work for the local sperm bank. I mean I'm pretty sure that whole establishment is a sham anyway. Every time I go in there lookin' for a transfusion I just see a bunch of dudes in robes talkin about this guy named "God" and buttraping a bunch of kids. Anyway, This fucker deserves to be euthanized and I've personally sent Animal Control on his ass three times now. They gonna start whippin out the glock on this boy and he deserves it.


  • 3.5 inch dick
  • is currently a carrier of Ligma
  • Pocketpussy
  • Hitler's pineapple-ridden ass

Powers/Super formsEdit

  • Occasionally he reaches "Full Edgelord" and dresses up in all leather
  • When this happens he just somehow looks like even more of a dipshit


  • Ya know those fuckin high school kids that take the bus home and then their dad beats them for wearing too much leather? Like those fuckers.


Literally this fucker has no friends. In his mind he thinks its because he's reached a level of intelligence in his humor that nobody understands him, but in reality it's simply because he's just a douchebag.