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    An age old question!

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    • That might be construed as presenting a personal judgment rather than a legitimate observation. What might seem "stupid" to one person could be meaningful to someone else.
    • If a person is serious there is NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION! There are many reasons why a person may ask what you consider a stupid question. The person may be shy and trying to make small talk. Some people just get nervous talking one-to-one with another person. Then there are some people who just don't think before th…

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    Answer:The simple solution is to never get into that situation. Easy said, right? Well, easy done. If this is a situation that you face periodically, reassess what you are doing, then don't do that any more. If you are engaging in behavior that takes you there, it will end badly for you or someone else.

    RUN! ===Answer:=== What he said, don't get in that situation. And if you do, try to get away from there. Or try to fight one person at a time. How ? just be like really arrogant to one person so he gets really mad. He Will attack you with out much thinking. And you will take him out easily.===Answer:=== The sad fact is that no matter how much elements of society want to and try to eliminate fighting from society, it is a part of human behavior. T…

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    Why Laugh?

    • Laughter is an emotional release similar to crying, brought upon by a mild mental stress rather than an emotional stress. It happens when the mind has some notion of an expectation and then that expectation is replaced by something similar but different and unexpected.
    • From sudden emotion created by humorous activities performed by others or by themselves.
    • When they're happy and feeling good.
    • Sometimes to prevent crying.
    • Someone tickled them.
    • It feels good to laugh.
    • Laughter is good for our lungs as an outlet for some extra energy. We use 17 different muscles to smile and 43 different muscles to frown, so it's easier to smile than frown.
    • Laughing also adds days to our lives. However, crying lessens our lives.
    • Laughing could also be bad, …
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    He doesn't know how to swim. In all Sonic games, he sinks to the bottom, and in M&S at the Olympic Games, he even wears a life-jacket.also in some terms:Oil

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