Unknown the HedgehogEdit

Gender- Male

Species- Hedgehog maybe

Age- Unknown

Honestly, no one knows if he's a hedgehog or not. He's best friends with Bullet. Way before the romancey stuff with him and Bullet, he was known as a "stalker," but he wasn't. All he need was to talk to someone, first, he attempted to talk to Mandel, then Steer, then Finni, so on and on. Til he finally met Bullet, it was in a funny way. A battle, Bullet got scared and didn't know who the heck who he was, she thought he'd be another minion for Egghead or D.D.M. But no, he was another normal... well, almost normal person.


  • Unknown mainly.
  • Sweet
  • and I honestly do not know o3o


He has friends and all, we just don't know them xD

But we know Bullet is one..

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