About TereziEdit

Terezi Pyrope is a 13 year old girl who lives alone in the forest in her treehouse. Her Lusus is dead, but she keeps herself busy role-playing with her plush toys called Scalemates. She loves court buisness and flips coins to decide on either keeping the guilty ones alive, or to hang them. She is blind, but she can smell/taste colors which gives her the image in her head. She also has a cane she walks around with that has a small plastic dragon head on her cane. She has to take her cane outside whenever she goes. It can split inhalf and inside is a sword she uses. She also talks to Karkat and Nepeta, her typing color is teal, and she uses 4's for A's 1's for I's and 3's for E's. She uses the text of the ancient prophet.

This is Terezi


Black hair

Thin triangle horns

Red glasses

Black pants

Libra zodiac on her shirt

Red shoes

Grey skin


Her cane

Super formsEdit

God Tier


Red Team


Let her solve any case!