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Minx is a fan character I made heavily based on League Of Legend's Jinx she was created for a Sonic Fan Character Contest. Being based on Jinx, means she is very crazy, and uses the almost same weapons as her. You can read League Of Legend's Jinx's backstory here.

If you read it, you can see I made her alot more... Less pysco manic who kills people just 'cause.


Height: 101.6 cm (3' 4")

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)

Fur: Bright Blue

Skin: Peach

Eyes: Neon Pink


-Several Ear-Rings

-A Stolen Amulet

-A Half Purple And Half Black Tank Top With One Sleeve

-A Pink Fishnet Singlet

-Ripped Leather Shorts

-A Utility Belt With Grenades And Shotgun Rounds Strapped On It (Sometimes A Shotgun Is Tied To The Side Of It)

-One Pink With Purple Striped Stocking

-One Leather And Pink Fishnet Glove


Minx Is A Cat With Simple Goals: To Not Sit Back And Watch The World Burn, Rather Burn It Herself.

She Loves To Blow Things Up And Cause Chaos, For No Other Reason Than Her Insanity And Boredom. She Has Massive Mood Swings And Acts Very Random, Making People Stay As Far Away From Her As Possible.

Info And StatsEdit

Alignment: Kinda Evil

Likes: Explosives, Guns And Chaos

Dislikes: Quietness, Being Locked Up And Harmony

Skills: Talented With All Explosives, Guns And An Escape Artist



Depends On How She's Feeling, But She Normally Likes Dr. Eggman Because His Robots Are Fun To Blow Up. (Even Though He Hates Her Because He Doesn't Like His Robots Blown Up, No Matter How Fun It Is)

Shadow: Her kinda-crush, where instead of fangirling over him, she messes with him alot. But that's just her insnae way of showing affection.


Sonic: Because He Symbolises Her Opposite: Peace

Rouge: Because: "Rouge Is Just A Stealing Meanie! Oh Wait!  I Am Too! Ah Well. I Still Hate Her!" -Minx

Tails: Because He's Sonic's Best Friend

Blaze: "The Only Other Cat I Know And She's BOOOORIINGG!" 



Backstory (Not Gonna Put A Cap At The Start Of Every Word For This One):

Since the original was too Mary-Sue-ish imma make this simple:

-Minx is a cat.

-She's insane.

-Shadow is cute to mess around with

And most importantly:

-Dr. Eggman's robots are fun to blow up.

This concludes Minx's kinda backstory.

Theme Song:Edit

Get Jinxed02:53

Get Jinxed


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