Knuckles & Vanilla Go out to pick some lemons for Lemon the Hedgehog So she could make some lemon slice. But they end up getting lost- And now they have to work together to try and get back home.

Characters InvolvedEdit

Vanilla the Cat

Knuckles the Echidna

Lemon the Hedgehog

Part OneEdit

Lemon: Hey, Vanilla, could you go into the forest and pick me about 12 lemons?

Vanilla: Sure, and I'll bring Knuckles, so that it's easier.

Lemon: Thanks! ^^

Vanilla: You're welcome :) *Goes to get Knuckles*

10 Minutes Later

Knuckles: So, do you know where any lemons are?

Vanilla: Um... Now that I think about it... No...

Knuckles: Do you know where WE are? o.o

Vanilla: ...Cr*p We're lost


Random Knuilla (the pairing of Knuckles and Vanilla) Fan: YES YES YES YES THIS IS PERFECT

Knuckles: *Punches Knuilla fan in da face* D:<

Vanilla: Let's see... Now that we're both lost, we're going to have to find our way back home.

Knuckles: -_- I think I'll call you Ms. Obvious for now

Vanilla: ...

Part TwoEdit

Knuckles: Since when do two teenagers go outside to get lemons and get lost?

Vanilla: We're in a 5-hour hedge maze, so that would explain it. o.o

Knuckles: Lies. You're just saying that just to get that embarrasment out of your way.

Vanilla: *Sigh* Well, we're lost, embarrased, can it get any worse--

Metal Chess: *Holds Vanilla by the throat* WHERE IS CHESS.

Vanilla: Like I'm telling you! T3T

Knuckles: *Punches Metal Chess*

Metal Chess: *Drops Vanilla*

Vanilla: Hah! Hah! HAH! Metal Chess, you have no chance!--

Metal Chess: *Does electric explosion-like attack thing*

Vanilla: HOLY--

Knuckles: Vanilla you ok? (I have no idea how Knuckles isn't hurt by the attack, xD)

Vanilla: *Struggles to get up*

Knuckles: FLIP YOU METAL CHESS *Punches Metal Chess like a lot*

Metal Chess: *Arm falls off* (It isn't bloody, it's robotic. x3 wait wut did I just say... XD)

Knuckles: *Punches more*

Metal Chess: *Other arm falls off but does electric charge attack thing at Knuckles*

Knuckles: *Just dodges it* Lol. Just. Major lol.

Metal Chess: *Does another explosion attack thing*


Vanilla: *Isn't dead* (Yay LOUDER yay LOUDER yay LOUDER aaaaaaaaaa yay Ugh *faints* XD)


Knuckles: I don't know, this script writer is horribel. o3o

Me: HEY!