This is Karkat

About Karkat

Gender- Male

Age- 13

Species- Troll

Location: Alternia

Karkat Vantas is a 13 year old boy who stays at home a lot with his crab lusus, who he often tries to stay away from for personal reasons. He talks to Gamzee most of the time, as well as Sollux and Terezi. Gamzee and Sollux are his two best friends while Nepeta crushes on him and he might be jealous Dave because he has Terezi. He lives in an area with talls buildings, but not a lot of trolls. He is often angry or cranky, he types in all caps, and his text type is grey.


Time Travel

Confusing people

Yelling without hurting his throat.


A sickle


Black hair

Nubby horns

Yellow and grey eyes



Cancer zodiac on his shirt

Grey Skin

Super FormsEdit

God Tier


Leading the red and blue team


His past or future self is known to interupt a conversation online and insult either himself or the person he is chatting with. They speak the truth, but are very annoying.


Alterniabound - 02 Karkat's Theme02:03

Alterniabound - 02 Karkat's Theme

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