Fire Star the Fox Edit

Gender: female

Age: 10

Species: Fox

Her parents got killed by Dr. D.D.M., she only has her brother left. But her brother left her alone one night. She journeys Mobuis. She's not really much of an adventurous fox like everyone else. Sometimes when she's bored, she goes to mobuis, she meet this nice family. She really likes them. The youngest one is named Jayden, the middle child is Katey, and then oldest is Christopher the Cat, and their annoy little cousin named Eliash the Cat. They're a weird family, but she likes them. She just always wonders, where are they're parents?

Appearance Edit

Eyes: Blue

Hair/furr color: Blond

Clothing: light blue shorts, light blue t-shirt, blue jacket, white flats


She doesn't have much power....

Star fox

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