Ayee people all over the world this is me telling you all about Espio and Shadow,to start off here is this then dat..

You know how sonic and shadow be having those dayss.. :D

sonic ws the best hedgehog until eggman brother made a successful hedgehog that wud be better....

Eggman says:oah-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

hm this is the experiment my brother made ?

Eggman didnt understand..

Shadow could teleport using chaos control and can use his powers but other than like sonic, Sonic has a powerful technique or form exactly than shadow.

When Sonic and Shadow 1st met each other , they started to fight for no reason but they kept going at it back-and forth



Season 3 - Metarrex SagaEdit

During that day Shadow saw Espio and sonic,shadow and sonic had to team up GOLD -GOLD you know what happens... they had to use their powers to kill the Metarrex and they did and before shadow died or dissappeared, shadow fought Espio, they dont like each other either.................................


hehe told u 
SHADOW versus ESPIO by theEyZmaster

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