FalThis will be a short mini-series by ACR amd Bullet consisting of 10 episodes.The main characters, Crow The Ferret and Sonniic the Hedgehog go on random adventures of ACR and Bullet's choice.


1. TBA

2. TBA

3. TBA

4. TBA

5. TBA

6. TBA

7. TBA

8. TBA

9. TBA

10. TBA

Characters in the showEdit

Crow The Ferret- Main

Sonniic the Hedgehog- Main

Mittens the Cat- Major

Snoopy the Dog- Major

Dr. Egg- Minor

Sonic The Hedgehog (QS)- Minor

Flame the Hedgehog - Minor

Bullet the Fox - Minor

Romance the Hedgehog - Minor

Chispazo the Hedgehog  - Minor 

Lockout the Hedgehog - Minor

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