Cody the HedgehogEdit

Age: 16

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Cody is the brother of Sonniic the Hedgehog. They haven't seen each other much, but they keep on touch. Their other brother Klonoa is kinda unknown, but all they know about him is that he's an adventurous kid. Cody is not much of a fighter, he's an adventurous hedgehog like his other siblings. Cody has no close relationship with anybody, he's kinda of a loner like Sonniic. Even if Sonniic has a boyfriend, she still calls herself loner. Cody and Sonniic always battle each other, Sonniic always wins. Cody is more of a prankster. He's the master of pranks. His sister calls him, "The Prankster Cody" Cody always laughs when she calls him that.



  • Gun
  • Special Chaos Emerald


  • Grey hedgehog/grey furr
  • Blue shoes
  • White and light-grey-blue gloves
  • Blue-light-grey eyes