Chaos The Demon is The Person Who Nearly Killed Lockout and Murdered Flame's Parents.


Chaos Was Cunning,Ruthless and more Evil Than Mephiles the Dark.Killing Almost Flame's entire Family.

He also Likes Tormenting those Flame Cares About,As In a Upcoming roleplay Marks his Debut,Chaos Almost Kills Lockout Til Flame(Reconizing Chaos)Attacks Him.




Chaos Has A Good time Tormenting those Flame Cares For,And Flame has The Greatest Dislike towards Him.The Two Have A Somewhat Scorpion-Sub Zero Relationship(Flame Wants to take revenge upon Chaos Killing his Family)


Chaos Is Flames Only Enemy who he Has Not Wanted to Kill,As Flame Sensed He Would Become Like The Latter

Chaos Killed Flame's Family around Flames 10-13 age period

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