About AradiaEdit

Aradia Megido is a 13 year old girl that lives in a quiet part of Alternia with her ram lusus. She loves adventuring and role-playing. She types in a dark red text.

This is Aradia when she's alive



Dead Aradia

Dead Aradia

 She died when she didn't listen to a friend and it was after an accident. Her lusus was killed as well. She later returned, dead, and lived in a cave alone without her lusus. She talks to Sollux, Karkat, Terezi, Nepeta, and Equius. She still types in her dark red text but her O's are 0's. Later Equius made a robot for her soul to live in, not too long after she entered it she found out it was programmed to love him. She hated it but she was stuck in it. She then typed in a dark blue color.


Alive Aradia:Edit

Black hair

Ram horns

Grey long skirt

Black shoes

Grey skin

Yellow and red eyes

Robot Aradia:Edit

Grey body

Red eyes


Dead Aradia:Edit

White eyes

Ripped holes in her shirt and skirt


Time and space traveling

Body control



Her fists


Blue team


Dead Aradia is resourceful, Aradiabot is easily angered, and alive Aradia is fun and happy.


Alterniabound - 01 Arisen Anew02:58

Alterniabound - 01 Arisen Anew

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