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Something the Echidna w Signature

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Akume does not care whatsoever about how anyone else feels. Since the moment she was born she had never got the point of caring for other's, as she never felt their feelings. She often hurts others for her own entertainment, and she doesn't understand the meaning of friendship, and that she needs other people in her life to talk to to keep her from getting bored. She is cold, somewhat rude and emotionless.


She uses throwable knives, and sometimes if she feels like it she will use other sharp blades such as swords and shurikens.


Akume has dark grey fur. She has dark blue-violet eyeshadow with thick eyelashes. She has dark brown eyes. Her echidna quills are smaller then the other Echidnas such as Tikal, creating more space for more quills to be placed there. Her quills also form a side fringe at one side of her head, nearly completely covering her right eye. She has a dark blue-violet top that has one no-sleeve side and one full-sleeve side. Her top also has lace (I can't remember what it's called... the crossy thing ._.) at the neck and the stomach. She has dark blue pants that on one side cover up almost none of the leg, but on the other do. On the leg that doesn't have the pants going down, there is a long white and black stripe-pattern sock, to match the stripey 'sleeve/glove' on her right arm. Most of the pants is covered behind her long, dark blue-violet boots, with a white stripe on the side of both of them. As an Echidna, she has an Echidna tail, which is a bit longer then a Hedgehog tail and looks somewhat crooked/zig-zaggy.


  • Akume's name is based off of the Japanese word Akumu, which is Japanese for nightmare.
  • Her name is pronounced Ah-koom-eh.

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